Winter Offers

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Vacanza Famiglia

Capodanno in Montagna da € 995 Settimana sulla neve per tutta la famiglia!Fra i monti e le piste da sci dell'Alpe...

Offerta Gourmet&Benessere

Capodanno in Montagna da € 389 In Trentino, un ecosistema perfetto e naturale dove materie prime...

Snow & Olos Experience

Capodanno in Montagna da € 399 In Trentino, si dice neve, ma nel Villaggio Nevada a Folgaria, si apre un mondo...

In due è più bello!

Capodanno in Montagna Lasciatevi coccolare nella...

Summer Offers

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Offerta Vacca...nza

Capodanno in Montagna da €476Cogli l'esperienza family bike Alpe Cimbra: monta in sella e vieni a scoprire con le nostre guide come nasce...

Family Holiday All Inclusive

Capodanno in Montagna from € 839  Week's holiday with the whole family in the Alpe Cimbra mountains Folgaria, in Trentino. For your...

Good cooking begins from the menu

Capodanno in Montagna Discover the delights of our kitchen! Have you booked just overnight? Or would you like to eat in...

Summer Special free Children

Capodanno in Montagna from € 240 When is summer what could be more beautiful than a holiday with children in the mountains...

Offerta Festival del Gioco

Capodanno in Montagna da € 80 Una settimana in cui il principale protagonista è il mondo della fantasia. Giochi, eventi, laboratori, spettacoli: tutto...

Folgaria-Holiday in Trentino

The Folgaria Plateau is found in the South of Trentino, a few kilometres from the cities of Trento and Rovereto. It is in alpine territory with many valleys and smooth mountains that reach heights of 2000m. This labd holds thousands of years of stories and secrets, from prehistoric times to the fortresses of the Great War. 

In Folgaria, the mountains are smooth, with many high plateaus that range from 1000m to 2000m high. Here you can mix nature with relaxation, enjoy the quiet, the art, the culture and the food.

Folgaria è il luogo ideale per una vacanza nel segno della rigenerazione fisica e mentale, per una vacanza a misura di adulti e di bambini,  qualunque siano gli interessi e le attività preferite: dalla passeggiata all’escursione in montagna, dal mountain bike al golf, dal relax in riva al lago all’andar per osterie e locali tipici.

Folgaria is an ideal place for you to recharge your health and wellbeing, it is a place for all adults and children, who can do whichever activities they want ranging from walking in the mountains, mountain biking, golf, relaxing at the lake, or enjoying the local culture.  

Folgaria in the summer is rich with sunlight, its hot but the temperature is refreshing, and in the evening the alpine breeze comes as a welcome relief. The flowers are at their best in the summer between June and July, it is in this period that you can smell the beautiful aromas and perfumes of the plateau... and the air is conditioning, theraputic, and ideal for people with respiratory problems, and of course children. . The winter is a beautiful exposition at midday of sunlight and skiing, the oxygen, and your tan will make all your friends jealous upon your return to the city.

To learn more about Folgaria and its territory click here





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